The story of the Golder family began back in 1983, when Dave and Debbie were in high school. They knew each other, but did not date at that time.
In 1985, Dave and Debbie were part of the same church youth group, and were playing volleyball together. Debbie was engaged to another young man. Dave asked Debbie to date him. After two weeks of pondering and praying, Debbie chose to give Dave a chance.
They were married six months later!
Dave was already in business for himself (since 1982!) with a landscaping business. After they were married, Debbie began to help with the business (are you recognizing a theme?). Hard-working Dave and Debbie operated this business together until 1996.
Of course, they were also busy growing the Golder family. Along came Andrew, Chris, Ryan, Devin and Trevor: Five bouncing baby boys who grew up into big boys who helped out in the business, too. One thing those Golder boys know is how to work, and how to do a job right!
In 1996, Dave was hired by a well service company. Debbie continued to operate the landscaping business for five more years, with the help of those growing boys.
In 2001, Debbie gave up the landscaping business, and the Golder family moved to Chester County. Dave continued to work for a well service company until 2008. Dave’s reputation for conscientious work grew in the area, and he received requests to provide well service “on the side.” He felt this was not fair to his employer, but he also wanted to assist neighbors, friends and family with their well service needs.
Dave and Debbie prayed together, and felt guided to open up their own well service company. D&D Golder was born in 2008! Dave handled service calls, Debbie handled the office and helped Dave in the field when she could.
You could say this story has a happy ending. Starting with just 20 customers, D&D Golder has more than 1,800 customers. Some additional milestones:
2012 – son Chris came on as a part-time employee
2013 – plumbing services were added when plumber Tim Arnold came on board
2016 – Chris’s hours grew to full-time on the plumbing side of the business
But this story does not have an ending! The Golder family continues to grow and thrive, with all five boys now married, two precious grandsons (Landon and Logan) and two  granddaughters [Leah and Brynlee(finally, a girl!) have joined the family.
Not surprisingly, the work ethic of the Golder boys is well known. In whatever their line of work, they display an old-fashioned work ethic that Dave and Debbie live every day.
D&D Golder is growing and thriving as well. Committed to serving our customers every day of the week (no extra charge for weekends or holidays), we are building relationships throughout Chester County. Our customer base today is too large to be called a family, but we surely can call it a community. We look forward to serving your needs and those of your neighbors one well service or plumbing job at a time.

D & D Golder: The Story of Us